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Introducing automations in your business can be a real game changer for any entrepreneur. Automations are just things that happen automatically in the back-end without you having to do any manual work. It is a great way to make things happen while you are focusing on other things, whether that is growing your existing business, traveling or building new products. #productivitymodeon

Having automated tasks in your business will allow you to have more time to work ON your business and not IN it. This eventually translates into more sales and more money in your bank account. Yay!

If you are not sure what areas need automation, look for repetition. Analyze each area of your business and see what you are doing that is repetitive. Then look for an automated solution that can substitute all that repetitive and manual work. The solution needs to perform the task well or even better and provide a great experience to the user (whether that user is you or a customer).

Here are four automations that you can put in place today to take back your precious time:



You can easily exchange ten emails with someone before you set up an appointment. This is one of those time-sucking tasks that should be automated asap. The best thing is that there are a lot of tools out there to help you do it.

Use Calendly Create an account and sync your calendars. You can also manually input the days and times when you are free to have meetings. You get a link that you can send to people and they can pick a time and the event is added to your calendar. It can also be embeded on your website.

Get an AI Assistant – If you don’t want to lose the human touch by just sending people to your Calendly, you can use X.AI, an artificial intelligence assistant who will schedule, update and reschedule your meetings and appointments on your behalf. You just need to connect your calendar and update your preferences and their AI assistants will do the work for you. 24/7. Pretty cool!



Often emails need follow-ups. Instead of leaving those emails sitting in your Inbox for ages or adding a reminder note to your calendar, you can set up a Boomerang.

When you set up a Boomerang, the selected email will appear in your Inbox at the time and date selected with the tag “boomerang” so that you know you have to follow-up. This helps declutter your Inbox while allowing you to be more productive and focusing on more important matters. You can also set it up to get the reminder only if nobody replies.

Boomerang also allows you to write an email now and schedule it to be sent out later. Your customers don’t need to know that you were working on a Saturday evening 😉



Set up a social media scheduling software so that your social media accounts stay active. Social media is all about being consistent and posting regularly so make sure you step ahead of the game and schedule as many posts in advance as possible.

Creating and posting content on social media every day couldn’t be more time-consuming. My advice is to do all the work once and then focus on engagement. Of course, you can always make changes and add more posts for specific promos or events but at least the big batch of work would be already done.

Buffer or Hootsuite work really well although they do restrict the number of posts you can schedule in advance with the free version.

Protip: If you can afford it, hire a virtual assistant to do all the scheduling work for you. And if you need to create the content and don’t have time for that, a virtual assistant or a social media manager would surely be able to help. Make sure they understand what your goals are for each of the posts you get out there, what is your brand tone and your target audience needs.



If you have a workflow that always follows the exact same steps, consider using Tallyfy. You can create processes and schedule tasks and deadlines so that once you activate it your team can follow it. It makes sense to automate a process with this software if you have a very well defined and repetitive workflow.

The way it works is quite simple: You create a template for each workflow which has a series of steps or tasks that have to get done. You can assign tasks to people, track progress and add deadlines. You just need to create the template once and activate it every time you want to start the process again.

If your workflow has too many steps I wouldn’t choose Tallyfy as in my opinion it doesn’t offer enough visibility. But if you have a process with less than 10 steps that are always the same, give it a go!



The word “automation” may sound a bit daunting at the beginning, but I promise that these are really easy to set up and get used to. You can create more complex automated workflows involving different apps with tools like Zapier for example, but I think this is a great way to start taking some of your time back while being more productive.

What is your favorite automation? What tasks can you identify that are repetitive and could be automated? Let me know in the comments below!







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