Let me guess…

When you started your business, you had to wear all the hats. You had to be the visionary and the manager. It wasn’t the best scenario but you did it until the business grew and you could hire help.

So you hired someone to look after all the tedious work: answering customer service emails, managing your social media accounts, doing some research… But you still needed to manage them.

But now you’ve started to see success and your business keeps growing. You are generating consistent revenue and making the lives of your users better. However, you are spending too much time managing and not enough time leading and serving.

This is not why started your business in the first place

You can’t do it all. And you don’t want to.

It’s time to focus on growing your business and leave the management role to someone else. Your business needs a visionary to be successful. And that’s YOU.

Are you ready to transform your business?

With my Online Business Management services, I can help you manage the day-to-day operations, projects, team members and metrics. This role is the glue that holds the people, systems, processes, and strategy of your company together.

You are here to lead the company’s direction and strategy. And I can help you implement and drive that vision.

Have you hit the ceiling in creating new growth? Are you feeling overwhelmed because you are the bottleneck of your business?


Operations Management – I keep day-­to-­day operations on track. I also analyze, optimize and simplify processes and I keep them all documented. 

Project Management – ­ I make sure things get done on time and on budget. I plan and monitor the execution of tasks always using the best project management software and tools in the market.

People Management ­ – I’m the leader of your team. I make sure we have a smooth communication process while I supervise that things are happening according to the plan. I’m the one your team will go for questions and guidance. If new talent is needed, I’ll hire and onboard new team members.

Metrics Management ­- I will follow your metrics tracking system and report the numbers. If you don’t have any, I can help you create one that we can use to make informed business decisions.