You created your product with love and excitement.

You made a huge effort in creating the content, videos, and workbooks.

You advertised it in your social media channels and email list.

However, all you git is silence.

No answers. No sales.

Your followers aren’t buying your product.

So you ask yourself: What did I do wrong?

Let me tell you something:

It’s not you. Or your product.


It’s the way you are launching


You have grown a community and want to serve them with your products or services, however, you’re not sure how the heck you are supposed to launch your product.

If you want to…

> Inspire thousands of people to buy your product or service without having to beg for it.

> Position yourself as an expert in your industry.

> Learn how to launch your products or services as industry influencers do.

> More sales!

Then you are in the right place.

With my Launch Management services, I can help you create a strategy and plan for your upcoming launch.


Strategy and vision – Before planning, we define where you are and where you want to be as well as your sales and revenue goals. We review your ideal client profile and your email list current situation. This information will help us come up with the right strategy for your launch.

Planning – We define your launch plan, calendar, and content. We create a detailed project plan that your team can understand and follow.

Management – I manage the launch to stay within deadlines and budget and alert you of any risks before they happen. If there is an issue, I will come to you with a recommended solution. I meet with you and your team weekly. We do daily updates in Slack.

Do you have an upcoming launch? Apply for a FREE discovery call with me and let’s figure out if I can help.



How long does it take to prepare and execute a product launch?

It depends on your product and previous results but generally, it takes around 90 days.

Can you manage and execute all the tasks?

My current package does not include the execution of the tasks. Your team (even if it’s just one person) will look after executing the plan and I will make sure that everything goes well.

Can you guarantee a high volume of sales?

My launch methods are proven to work. However, sales depend on different factors such as how well your email list converts, how much you are ready to invest in capturing new leads, if you have a community who has bought your products before, how well you are positioned as an expert in the industry, to name a few.