Your business keeps growing. Your products and services are sought after and successful.

You have systems and processes that work. And your awesome team in the back end is moving your business forward.

However, you still have a few projects in the pipeline that you’ve been trying to complete for the last year or so, but you never did.

That new podcast you wanted to start or that new online course that you know your customers are raving for.

But they are still there. In your backlog.

They never make it into the priority list.

Have you ever created a plan only to found yourself not looking at it for months?

Is the thought of managing another project causing you a headache?

I get it. Planning and executing new projects takes up a lot of time.

You are the leader of your company. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work.

Focus on keeping your business growing to new heights, and leave the project management role to someone else.

With my Project Management services I can help you organize everything in your head, create a plan and hold everyone accountable.

Are you ready to turn all your ideas into a reality?


Project Plan – I translate your vision into a detailed project plan that the rest of your team can understand and follow. This is a document that includes a scope of work, goals summary, work breakdown structure, schedule, milestones, budget, communication, reporting, and detailed deliverables.

Project set up – Once the project plan is approved, I set up the project plan in a project management software to manage the tasks and monitor progress. Depending on the project type, I typically use Trello, Asana or Airtable. This is shared with you and your team so that we can all collaborate. We run a virtual kick-off meeting with you and the team to sign off and get started.

Management – I manage the project to stay within deadlines and budget and alert you of any risks before they happen. If there is an issue, I will come to you with a recommended solution. I meet with you and your team weekly. We do daily updates in Slack.

Delivery – The project is completed! I make sure that anything we created is stored on your Google Drive or Dropbox. I create templates, SOPs and screen recorded directions when needed. We have a project debrief meeting and we identify what and where to adjust to make the next project even better.


If you are building a website or app, have a look at my IT Project Management services.

I’d love to hear more from you and the projects you have in the pipeline. Apply for a FREE discovery call with me and let’s figure out if I can help.